About Hibou

The Business of Awesome

We're here to do everything from basic Odoo implementations to processes analysis (and a bunch of stuff in between). Read about our respective skills below and then send us a note!

This is Jared: Resident developer, database designer and unique problem solver. With experience ranging from Director of Technology at an Inc. 5000 e-commerce company to developer and consultant for (you guessed it!) another Inc. 5000 SaaS platform, his focus is on workflow design and business automation. Database structure? He's your guy. Custom apps? Jared's got you covered. Scalability concerns? He can help!

This is Kaylie. She's is a lover of all things marketing, project management and business streamlining. As a previous Director of Marketing at an Inc. 5000 e-commerce company, with a background in healthcare marketing and customer service, she has a crazy-awesome combination of skills. CRM software, Odoo trainings, technical marketing projects...this girl is ready to rock your Odoo experience.