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Not Used in Main Roost Odoo Pipeline

This is a fork of the default Odoo Docker project.  It strives to be compatible with Odoo's version as much as possible.  That means that it does not build very often as Debian packages of set dates are used.  To combat this, a -latest tag suffix was added that adds daily builds.  This is merely a mitigation and does not provide true CI/CD and ultimately this is being replaced by 'home-grown' implementation in hibou/hibou-odoo .

Additionally, the need to have a 'maintained odoo' version has necessitated submoduling the core odoo repo, which is a waste.

Primary Tags:

  • 12.0

  • 12.0-latest

  • 11.0

  • 11.0-latest

  • 10.0

  • 10.0-latest